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Thank to Alicia Moreno ( for bright guest post:

How to renew image: the secret, Accessorize your style!

They have the power to change our style completly! enhance a basic outfit and can take you from day to night with just a couple of details!


We can change how we look in a second, finish this look that doesn´t seems quite good at the mirror. Even if they have a specific function, like give the time or carry our belongings, we must not fotget their contributionmto our image.

Why don´t refresh our wardrobes with a little investmet? This spark, this touch of color or shine, this glamourous details to highlight a neckline or give personality to this bouring dress.

Rings, necklaces, hoops, glasess, belts, hats, bags, and shoes. Our mighty allies and great partners for a busy agenda. We can go from an office meeting to a friends reunión, playing and changing our style, have fun while your style is always fantastic.


To consider:

The size of your wrist and arms along when choosing bracelets and watches, and hands regarding the rings.-

The shape of the face and neck when using hoops and necklaces.-

The occasion when choosing handbags and details ; remember that the current trend is that bag and shoes not combine.-

A scarf knotted the baccesorios-de-moda-300x199ag gives it a refresh , and allows to keep the neck warmer if the weather changes a bit .

The colored lenses are the latest trend and give a fun touch to any look.

Accessories with hand history vintage fashion , allow us to rescue from jewelers of our mothers and grandmothers, very exclusive unique pieces of sentimental value, also give great personality to our outfit.

With the Hollidays coming, this an excelent idea for a Christmas gift .


And just in case we get excited too , took Coco Chanel´s advice:

” Before leaving the house , look in the mirror and take off an accessory “.         


 Night and day                                                                                           Romantic or folk    

night and day              romantic or folk

Lady Glam

Lady Glam




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